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What is Paytrak and what does it offer?

Imagine a payroll service provider that really cares about you, your business, and your employees. Imagine a payroll service that is both local to your community and part of a national group of specialists. Imagine a payroll provider that has dedicated (to your business) staff who know your voice and your concerns. Imagine Paytrak.

Paytrak Payroll Services is part of an international franchise group that has been addressing the concerns of small business owners like you for over 35 years. Whether you have one employee or 100 employees, Paytrak can help. Our system is simple, conversion is easy, and we are very accessible to you.  Most of all, you will laugh at how little full service payroll can cost.

We have designed a simple payroll process, so our clients can become more focused on running their business. There are 5 key features that revolve around Paytrak systems;

Complete Payroll Services

PayTrak complete payroll services were designed especially for small businesses with one or more employee(s). We simplify the payroll process so our clients spend less time handling it.

  • Easy conversion to our payroll service
  • Efficient, timely service with no penalties — guaranteed!
  • Extensive knowledge means our clients’ payroll is done right
  • Direct deposit for business owners and their employees
  • Personal service which makes the difficult seem simple

TaxTrak Service

PayTrak is the local small business payroll tax specialist. We take care of it all — so our clients don’t have to.

  • With our insured TaxTrak service, we take the worry out of government compliance.
  • We make all payroll deposits and file all federal, provincial and local payroll forms on our client’s behalf. And, we’re here to answer any and all questions that our clients have.
  • Our clients will never pay a penalty using TaxTrak. With our technology and regulatory knowledge, their business can count on accurate and timely tax filings.

Stop Doing Everything Yourself

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