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As a business owner, you should demand expertise from your bookkeeper, no different than any other professional you engage for support.  Accurate records are not only required by law but are critical to ensuring your accountant does the best possible job for you and you have the information necessary to make good and timely business decisions.


  • Do you or a family member perform bookkeeping functions, perhaps only when necessary or “when there’s available time”?
  • Do you dread the chore of trying to maintain the books?
  • Do you ever feel you’re losing the “paper war”?
  • Does the bookkeeping get completed only when all other priorities of the day have been addressed?
  • Do you ever find that you’re working at bringing the records up-to-date at times of the day that you might not be at your best?
  • Does only the minimum bookkeeping work get done leaving the rest to be done when there is time?
  • Do you ever decide that the bookkeeping work that isn’t, yet, done isn’t really all that important anyway?
  • If your bookkeeping work is completed by an employee or a third party contractor, do you ever wonder if there is sufficient oversight and control to protect your interests?
  • Are you ever late paying bills or completing remittance documentation even when there is money available in the bank?


If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions you could benefit from the comprehensive bookkeeping that Biz-Coach Professional Services can offer.  We can:


  • Perform as much, or as little, of the bookkeeping functions as you might want or require.  From basic data entry to account reconciliations to payroll – we can do it all
  • Custom design the bookkeeping functions in order to meet your specific needs
  • Save you money by combining your accounting and your bookkeeping with one professional
  • Offer off-site storage of back-up bookkeeping data at no extra cost for added peace of mind without being forced to rely on “the Cloud”
  • Be available to you when you need us


If you want to take your bookkeeping to the next level, and sleep better at night knowing that your bookkeeping is in good hands, call Biz-Coach Professional Services today.  We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and develop an affordable bookkeeping package designed for you.  You’ll be glad you did.”

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